Here we are and welcome to our new website. It’s still evolving and we’re trying to make it as user friendly as possible but we like to think it looks pretty cool and a massive thanks to Dwight for sorting it all out for us.

So, why Past, Present & Future? Well, I wanted to offer any newbies a bit of an insight to us.


JPJ started as a small project by our ex-drummer Mark who put an ad on Gumtree to start a band, from then the first five of us started to rock out in Factory Studios. A few members came and went until we evolved into the line up we have today (thanks to Mark, Matt, Jules, Phil & Dan who have all played their part).

The band name comes from a suggestion voting system and has no religious connotations.

Our first chance to perform live came from Kelly at the Fire Engine who took a punt on an unknown band and only the word of her cousin (who had never heard us play) but who I went to school with and that’s why we always see that pub as our ‘homecoming’ whenever we play there and we will always be grateful for that chance.

Through word of mouth our awesomeness quickly spread and we were playing in pubs all over the Bristol area and after a bit of string pulling we were the opening band at the Keynsham CC Cider Festival to which we had a fantastic response and were asked to headline the two years following. Since then we’ve been involved in a few different festivals and charity events.


At present we believe we’re in a great place with the line up and the harmony in the band. We’re always looking for new places to play and are continuing looking for contacts who can support us on our journey and reach a wider audience. We hope to play bigger venues whilst maintaining our humble roots of the local pub. We try to keep up on our social media so if you haven’t done so already please check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you may see some content that may not be posted on our website.

Our set list is always in transition (although we do have some old favourites that will stay with us) but unfortunately getting songs ‘gig ready’ doesn’t happen over night and can be a long process so the changes may not be apparent but we have a plan.


What will the future bring? As mentioned earlier, we hope that it does bring bigger venues, playing to bigger crowds and some studio time getting some tracks recorded for your everyday listening.

We have dipped our toe into the wedding band game and have a few already booked over this year and next along with birthday parties and other private functions.

We’ll look to keep our website updated and welcome any content we can include whether that be comments/ suggestions or media from you guys out there. There will be regular blogs from different members of the band with our insights on what’s coming up or reviews of what’s happened (these will no doubt include some random rumblings from Darrin).


That’s all for now from me, see you soon!