On the 12th May we had the great pleasure of performing for the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force at the Aerospace Museum in the same hangar as the Concorde! We had an amazing time and feel very grateful for having been part of that experience, we intend on sticking around for the next one! From the feedback we recieved about our performance its safe to say we weren’t the only the ones who had a great night which makes us feel even better knowing that we helped make a fantastic and fun event.
On the 19th May we then provided some evening entertainment for Tara & Dan’s wedding ceremony at the Ston Easton Park on which the sun graced us with a wonderful warm sunny day and once it set we kept the heat up by providing live music for everyone to dance to. During the night we had a small guest join us on stage in the form of little Hugo rocking the tambourine, Rockstar in the making!
We now have a few weeks break to soak everything in from the last couple of gigs whilst we update our set list with some new material and prepare for the next load of events in the July onwards.
We hope to see as many of you as possible in our next upcoming public events!