We began the summer period relatively quietly with no gigs in June so we managed to get some long overdue studio time in. We managed to get 4 tracks down which will be ready for you guys to listen to soon (and we’ll see if we can get some downloads links in for you to take them away).

July saw us play at the Pied Horse in St George for the first time, we were made to feel really welcome and we look forward to playing there again. On July 14th we were back at one of our favourite venues The Dolphin in Oldland Common, more of an intimate gig but still a really good night (which is a nice way of saying there wasn’t much of a crowd). We were at Cadbury House for Drew’s cousin Mark’s wedding to Rhian on the 28th, smashing night really good gig with a bar tab and an invite to the buffet (which is always a winner). We also had a special guest on drums Drew’s son Vinnie!

We played for Mike and Abbee’s wedding at Old Down Manor in Tockington on August 3rd, they are friends of Charlies and it was great to be asked to perform. We had another guest drummer Joe, he travelled from Dursley and stepped in as Matt was in the US for his brother’s wedding, he did a sterling job at such short notice, it was a wonderful setting with glorious weather, we always enjoy playing weddings and consider it an honour to be a part of a couples big day

This time of year is always a struggle for us all to meet up due to holidays, but this does give individuals time to work on other projects for instance, I am currently working on the pre-seperator, a device for diverting hot jam through a narrow causeway. Matt has been building a replica Dutch barge out of un wanted plastic straws, Tristan has been living in a deserted tin mine in Cornwall working on new material. Drew has been beard charming, this an amazing skill where he uses the power of his mind to make his beard rise and fall in a rhythmic fashion all accompanied by popular dance hits from the 90’s.  And Charlie has been refining his range of jams and chutneys, all using locally sourced materials he finds whilst rambling.


Enough of my ramblings, I’m off to slappa de bass mon!