After a break over Christmas and some very productive time in the studio what better way to start a busy 2019 than with a gig at The Fire Engine in Redfield, it was great to see the place packed on Saturday night and everyone having great time.

So what has 2019 got in store for you, well……………. It’s going to be epic. We have gigs at all our regular venues with new venues such as the Rising Sun in Ashton Gate and The Lamb in Cadbury Heath wanting a bit of the JPJ madness this year. Oh…and keep an eye on our website and social media for an announcement regarding a very special event in September, not going to give too much away but keep the 21st free if you love your music.

One more thing before we sign off…………Drew is trekking to Machu Picchu in October this year to raise money and awareness for MIND the mental health charity, I’m sure you’ll all agree it’s a fantastic cause and if you can afford a donation to this worthy cause please do so by navigating to. or text OTIB82 followed by the amount (eg 10) to 70070 (Link on our FB)



A new year is upon us and it gives us a bit of time to reflect on the last and look forward to this. 

2018 saw us play a more varied gig range from new venues, more weddings and the RAF 100th Anniversary celebrations at The Bristol Aerospace Museum. We got back in the studio and recorded some tracks (which will be available for you all to listen to soon), needless to say it was our most successful year yet. 

So, what does 2019 look like?? Well we’ve already got a pretty full schedule although we don’t kick off our lives until mid Feb.  We’ve already bounced around ideas for new songs to add to our set and if you’ve got any suggestions please feel free to let us know. We’re also exploring doing some original material which you may hear live. 

I’ve saved the most anticipated thing til last and yes I can confirm Darrin has a new hat! 


Quality not Quantity

The past couple of months haven’t been our busiest gig wise but we’ve all been working hard to squeeze in gigs and practices around our holidays and work commitments. Even with the lack of practices we’ve still managed to additive new songs to our setlist so if you haven’t seen us for a couple of months, get yourselves down to our next gig. We have however had a couple of real highlights in the past couple of months, the first was a charity gig we played in aid of the Dorothy House Hospice care. This was such an amazing event to be part of, we we’re approached by Sam (one of the organisers) to play this event and after he explained what it was in aid of and why we couldn’t wait to get involved. It was a really successful evening raising £3,300 for Dorothy House Hospice Care, We’ve already agreed to get involved with next years event and are hoping to make it bigger and better. The second highlight was inviting a special young lad to one of our practices. Kenz is always wanting to see us play but due to us mainly gigging in pubs he’s never allowed in the venues to watch us play. Kenz’s mum happened to mention to us that he loves watching us but can rarely come to our gigs so we decided to send him a video message as we were setting up at a gig, inviting him to come and spend an evening with us in the studio. It took a few weeks to organise but we finally got a date that worked and Kenz spent the whole evening with us, watching us practice, looking around our kit and even getting one or two requests played. It was great to see him so happy and we look forward to seeing him at our next daytime event. We’re pretty busy up until Christmas now with a mix of public gigs and private functions so keep your eyes on the website and social media for where we are.




Bubble and Squeak

We began the summer period relatively quietly with no gigs in June so we managed to get some long overdue studio time in. We managed to get 4 tracks down which will be ready for you guys to listen to soon (and we’ll see if we can get some downloads links in for you to take them away).

July saw us play at the Pied Horse in St George for the first time, we were made to feel really welcome and we look forward to playing there again. On July 14th we were back at one of our favourite venues The Dolphin in Oldland Common, more of an intimate gig but still a really good night (which is a nice way of saying there wasn’t much of a crowd). We were at Cadbury House for Drew’s cousin Mark’s wedding to Rhian on the 28th, smashing night really good gig with a bar tab and an invite to the buffet (which is always a winner). We also had a special guest on drums Drew’s son Vinnie!

We played for Mike and Abbee’s wedding at Old Down Manor in Tockington on August 3rd, they are friends of Charlies and it was great to be asked to perform. We had another guest drummer Joe, he travelled from Dursley and stepped in as Matt was in the US for his brother’s wedding, he did a sterling job at such short notice, it was a wonderful setting with glorious weather, we always enjoy playing weddings and consider it an honour to be a part of a couples big day

This time of year is always a struggle for us all to meet up due to holidays, but this does give individuals time to work on other projects for instance, I am currently working on the pre-seperator, a device for diverting hot jam through a narrow causeway. Matt has been building a replica Dutch barge out of un wanted plastic straws, Tristan has been living in a deserted tin mine in Cornwall working on new material. Drew has been beard charming, this an amazing skill where he uses the power of his mind to make his beard rise and fall in a rhythmic fashion all accompanied by popular dance hits from the 90’s.  And Charlie has been refining his range of jams and chutneys, all using locally sourced materials he finds whilst rambling.


Enough of my ramblings, I’m off to slappa de bass mon!


Concorde Wings and Wedding Rings

On the 12th May we had the great pleasure of performing for the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force at the Aerospace Museum in the same hangar as the Concorde! We had an amazing time and feel very grateful for having been part of that experience, we intend on sticking around for the next one! From the feedback we recieved about our performance its safe to say we weren’t the only the ones who had a great night which makes us feel even better knowing that we helped make a fantastic and fun event.
On the 19th May we then provided some evening entertainment for Tara & Dan’s wedding ceremony at the Ston Easton Park on which the sun graced us with a wonderful warm sunny day and once it set we kept the heat up by providing live music for everyone to dance to. During the night we had a small guest join us on stage in the form of little Hugo rocking the tambourine, Rockstar in the making!
We now have a few weeks break to soak everything in from the last couple of gigs whilst we update our set list with some new material and prepare for the next load of events in the July onwards.
We hope to see as many of you as possible in our next upcoming public events!